Monthly Empowerment Sessions

Because a courageous life requires maintenance.  Start your month right with The Courage Tribe.

Every first Sunday of the month from 4:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.  Register now for the next upcoming session.  Held at Wren & Wild, 910 NW Harriman St., downtown Bend, OR.  $25/stand alone session.  

[Registration must be received by noon the Saturday before each session.]

>>>>>REGISTER HERE NOW via Wren & Wild Events: 

This is your moment to refresh.  Explore a variety of rotating lecture/discussion topics each month, reconnect with yourself through a self awareness exercise, and receive guided meditation to rest, let go, and process discoveries.  Bring a journal or notepad to capture your insights.  Start each month from an empowered, heart centered place among compassionate others doing the same.  It’s like courage hygiene.  [Topics Calendar below.]

Topics Calendar:

Sun Mar 4 – Empowerment Session: Spiral In, Spiral Out
Sun Apr 1 – Empowerment Session: The Art of Daring
Sun May 6 – Empowerment Session: Masculinity and Femininity for Wholeness
Sun June 3 – Empowerment Session: Using Your Emotions to Navigate True North
Sun July 1 – Empowerment Session: Embracing Joy!
Sun Aug 5 – Empowerment Session: Fostering Connection
Sun Sep 2 – Empowerment Session: Seeking Possibility
Sun Oct 7 – Empowerment Session: Weeding Out Entitlement
Sun Nov 4 – Empowerment Session: Radiating Authenticity
Sun Dec 2 – Empowerment Session: The Purpose of Compassion (for self and others)

Sun Jan 6 – Empowerment Session: The Art of Gentleness with Self-Discipline
Sun Feb 3 – Empowerment Series: The Power of Wholeheartedness