Spark Sessions

Private group creativity experiences with intention.

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Enjoy a heart centered intentional creativity experience with people you invite.

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Sharing creativity + focused discussion builds a stronger you.

Choose from ongoing sessions or single event opportunities.

Why Spark Sessions?

Spark Sessions bring people together in support of healthy empowered living, working, and leading as a way of life.  Book a session to engage entrepreneurial groups or friends interested in growing together.  Spark Sessions bring intentional self/life reflection paired with the creative process and professionally moderated discussion.  This is something unique that people don’t usually experience together in the day to day.  Process arts are an antidote for rigidity, a beckoning for free thinking and flow, and an invitation for “a-ha” moments to power you as you move through life.

Choose from these intuitively creative experiences:

No experience necessary!  Sessions are designed for the human in all of us.

The Creative Process Painting Experience (choose wooden totem or canvas)

Process Painting encourages the freedom to creatively express and explore one’s inner world without judgement or critique.  Process painting is about boldly letting go of expectations to see what might emerge in your heart and through the paint, and is full of play and possibility.  It’s not about technique or art skill and can be done by anyone.  Some people even use their fingers!

The Creative Vision Board Collage Experience

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to intuitively select, cut, and paste.  A vision board collage allows you to make sense of what you want in life.  When you hang it in a space where you see it daily, your vision board can be a tool to bring goals and aspirations to life – or explore what’s getting in your way.

The Creative Mind Mapping Experience

Get into expansive thinking!  Dump out and organize thoughts using associations, connections, and triggers to bring ideas out.  Create a visible and structured “map” as your thoughts expand.  This is a great option for entrepreneurial friends, or those wanting to courageously flesh out an idea or concept.

Your experience is guided by Courage Coach and Artist Amy Turner.  Supplies are thoughtfully prepared for you.

What does a session look like?

Sessions are 2 1/2 hours long – custom session lengths available on request.

We start with a welcoming and focused discussion, then participants receive instruction for the creative activity chosen by the group.  Sessions are designed for non-artists, but artists are invited!  Courage Coach Amy Turner is a pro at moving participants along to get the most out of their experience.  Enjoy group sharing to integrate the experience and bring the session to a close.

What do sessions include?

  • session facilitation by Courage Coach and Artist Amy Turner including customized instruction and guidance
  • creative activity supplies and clean up

Want to work around a theme?

Just ask.  Being a Courage Coach and Artist, Amy is great at listening to your group’s needs and working with you to create your experience.
Themes are not required – sessions proceed easily with or without them.  We can talk about this as you book your session.

What is not included?

Venue, food, and beverage are not included.


Subject to change.

1 al a carte session – $65 per person
1 session/month for 3 months – $55 per person*
1 session/month for 6 months – $45 per person*

*Extended session commitments allow for a deepening of personal development and self-awareness as participants grow through sessions.

Ready to book your session?  Have questions?

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