Business Development Spotlight Series

People centered trainings for productivity, profitability, and connection.

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Attend the Entire Three Part Series, $120

ALL SESSIONS: Welcome & Networking 6 p.m. | Workshop 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: The Haven, 1001 SW Disk Dr, Bend, OR 97702

Includes (scroll for individual workshop descriptions):

  • Wed., May 8, 2019 // Creating Effective Teams with Laura Furgurson
  • Wed., June 5, 2019 // Systems for Financial Growth with Megan Fries
  • Wed., July 10, 2019 // Communicating for Success with Maureen “Mo” Everett

Attend Individual Sessions in This Series:

Creating Effective Teams Workshop, Cost: $50
Wed., May 8, 2019 | Welcome & Networking 6 p.m. | Workshop 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: The Haven, 1001 SW Disk Dr, Bend, OR 97702

Motivating and managing your team can be the most difficult part of being a leader. Are you struggling to move-forward and reach your organization’s goals? Does it seem like there’s always some sort of conflict getting in your way? Do you sometimes “just want people to do their jobs”? Are you or your team frustrated? Do team meetings seem like a waste of time? Do the same issues keep popping-up? Are you or your team doing things they don’t like or aren’t good at?

This workshop will provide practical, easy to implement strategies to determine if you have the right people in the right seats, how to hold them accountable for results, and how to delegate and elevate. You’ll uncover the root causes to your team building challenges (e.g. trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, results). You’ll learn an effective way to run meetings. Attendees will practice how to identify, discuss and resolve real-work issues. After this 2 hour fast-paced interactive workshop, participants will walk away with various tools and resources to build a more effective team.

About Laura Furgurson // Laura has over 30 years experience guiding companies, organizations, and individuals to make meaningful and lasting change to do business better. She understands unique challenges that arise while at the helm, whether it’s an established business, an accelerating startup or a mission driven non-profit organization. Her expertise lies in organizational development, strategic planning,  operations, team building, culture assessment, branding, customer service, corporate relations and market research. She is a certified Hudson Institute Coach, licensed Faust Management consultant and member of the Executive Insight Network.

Systems for Financial Growth Workshop, Cost $50
Wed., June 5, 2019 | Welcome & Networking 6 p.m. | Workshop 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: The Haven, 1001 SW Disk Dr, Bend, OR 97702

Having financial organization in place will ensure your organization performs. Would you like to increase your revenue by 5, 10, or even 20% this year? Do you know what is your most profitable service or product? Are you offering a new product or hiring more people? How do you ensure that you are on track with your expectations? Do you test and measure enough to know when to make strategic adjustments? Take control over your finances so they don’t take over you.

Whether you need to organize your historical data, create a budget, scale your budget for multi-year growth, or dive into the nitty-gritty of product/service profitability, this workshop will give you the bar to measure against. Create your plan for achieving financial goals. Take home a financial action plan for the year/quarter and tools such as a budget and chart of accounts organization for getting there.

About Megan Fries // Megan helps businesses prioritize their way to success by focusing on problem-solving methods that keep efficiency and profitability top of mind.  She draws from a mighty toolkit of innovative strategies and common solutions amassed from 10 years in her own startup and work with for profit and nonprofit organizations across a variety of industries.  Understanding the great impact of budgeting and documentation, she specializes in strategy, procedures, and documentation of operations and finance.

Communicating for Success: Engaging the Heart and Mind, Cost $50
Wed., July 10, 2019 | Welcome & Networking 6 p.m. | Workshop 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: The Haven, 1001 SW Disk Dr, Bend, OR 97702

Many organizations focus on technical skills as all-important to success in the workplace. Yet strong interpersonal skills are equally essential in transforming individual contributors into exceptional performers and providing leaders with the skills and tools to do more, and be more, in order to succeed in today’s complex environment. Are your employees less focused on results because they don’t feel valued or appreciated? Do leaders in your business lack the essential interaction skills to effectively engage the mind and heart, which are critical for leadership success? Is there a need for a higher level of trust, greater cooperation, stronger business relationships?

This foundation course provides individuals and leaders with a powerful set of interactions skills that enable them to communicate more effectively at a practical and personal level with colleagues, customers, key stakeholders and, in the process, building trust, strengthen partnerships, and achieve desired business results.

About Maureen “Mo” Everett // After more than 25 years experience with a leading global talent management company, DDI, Maureen is ready to share proven best practices and painful derailers experienced by the top Fortune 1000 companies as they compete for ‘Best in Class’. Maureen has owned and operated two start-up business, worked with non-profit’s to build leadership bench-strength, and held management roles with different Government agencies, so she understands your opportunities and will be there to guide you.