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Courage Rising Coaching Sessions

For people wanting the space and guidance of focused personalized sessions.  Navigate life’s challenges and opportunities with a fresh, creative, and courageously heart centered approach to life, work, or relationships.  Click here for pricing options and client reviews.

Courage is an antidote for confusion and a prescription for possibility.

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Courage Coaching is valuable like gold.

As we need clean water to survive, we need healthy courage to thrive.  

To say the least, courage is expansive.  Sessions are a valuable asset to a wide range of people under a wide range of circumstances looking to achieve a wide range of outcomes.  Courage Coaching is neither psychotherapy nor traditional goal driven life coaching – and engaging in sessions doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you.  It’s just the opposite.  It means you’re someone who wants to take a healthy heart centered leadership role in your life.  It’s an opportunity to be nourished as you actively create within your life and circumstances.  You receive coaching to live from your desires, integrity, and dreams compassionately in the midst of resistance, fear, and chaos.  You’ll learn to let the word “should” fall from your vocabulary and see your world from a place of “could.”  Embark now to create a legacy of love by letting courage shine through what you touch.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur/business person looking to do what you love and make a difference or an overwhelmed parent or caregiver looking to lead with heart; whether you have recently changed your relationship status or are embarking on a new life journey as you continuously define your world; whether you’re considering a career change, evolving through a new life stage, or simply looking for fresh perspective – Courage Coaching is valuable like gold.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”― Howard Thurman

Individuals have a natural proponency to rise to their unique greatness when given a safe, healing space and encouragement to thrive.  We are all pregnant with gifts and unique attributes waiting to be born into the world. Yet, everyone’s gifts are different – and there can be much in life working to bury them even after they are discovered.  Because we are deeply social creatures designed to work in relationship, it gives us a natural advantage to work with another knowledgeable, empowering person who believes in us – and the power of possibility – to reach great heights as we uncover the BEAUTY of our truest selves.  Spread a positive ripple effect to the world and live with more joy and purpose. 

Not your average coaching session.

Courage Rising Coaching Sessions draw from a variety of effective tools and techniques to fit your individual needs as you grow and evolve.  Depending on each client’s comfort, curiosity, and inclination, coaching sessions may include one or multiple of the following:

  • receive deep listening – allow aspects of your whole self to be seen and heard (strengths and weaknesses, dreams and challenges, feelings and ideas), followed by tailored coaching action/education points
  • invitation + practice to feel your feelings – as rational as we think we are or try to be, we actually make decisions based on how we feel now, how we’ve felt in the past, or how we want to feel in the future; instead of philosophizing about this, you’re encouraged to practice feeling your feelings in coaching sessions to get at the heart of the matter
  • introduction of modern and ancient life philosophies and tools as needed to support the active role you play in your life
  • tailored journaling prompts and simple writing exercises to see your situation in black and white – this is an effective way to “lay everything on the table” so we can sift out the juicy areas that need attention and give voice to your challenges and desires
  • Courage Cards (an interactive self-awareness tool) – exercises to deepen your self-awareness and strengthen the way you relate to the world while gaining new perspective
  • making a vision board collage or mind map to creatively express goals, dreams, and desires – this is a beautiful way to celebrate the life you want and build a tangible framework to build from
  • process painting for self-discovery (this is not about being an artist, but it is all about you) – practice creating freely, without judgement, and without a spirit of perfection; this brings many life parallels and insights to light with a mind-body-spirit approach
  • breath work to get out of the mind and into the body while rejuvenating the whole self – great for relaxation and integrating new concepts
  • focused guided meditation/visualization for insights, relaxation, and to process new discoveries while opening the whole self to possibility
  • gentle body movement/yoga postures to get out of the mind and into the body – helps to get the juices flowing and move energy
In the ebbs and flows of life you may find your need for coaching come and go, and come again.  Know that Courage Rising Coaching Sessions are here for you as you need them. Transformational growth usually happens over time and is rarely a linear process.

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What people are saying…

“The Courage Rising program has been incredibly transformational and empowering for me; as a woman and entrepreneur who recently uprooted my life, I could not imagine being where I am today without this work.  Working with Amy is like working with a long time friend; sessions are warm and supportive, full of wisdom, and creative tools to get me out of my head and into a heart-centered place.
During our first few sessions, Amy facilitated my growth through old patterning and shifts in beliefs that were holding me back from living up to the person I am becoming.  In the following several sessions we used different creative processes like painting to embody what feelings were rising and desires coming to life. I love the variety of tools that Amy uses from session to session.
I completely trust Amy’s ability to intuitively know how to guide me to break down my own walls, build healthy boundaries, utilize my voice, and tap into my intuition and ability to create a dream life.  Her truly unique combination of intention setting, Courage Cards, movement, meditation, painting, writing and speaking are like no personal growth work I have done before. I always feel seen and heard in a safe space.
I highly recommend anyone looking for shift, change, growth, empowerment, support, transformation, and embodiment to seek Amy’s support!
I am in deep gratitude for what I have experienced!”
-Jessica G.

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but Amy put me at ease immediately and my sessions were really eye opening.  Through coaching I came into full swing with some of my goals and aspirations while practicing a “Life on Purpose” philosophy.  Courage Rising Coaching Sessions showed me that when I grow as a person, other aspects of my life (business owner) will grow too.  Sessions taught me to look from different angles so I could see facets of life and business I’d been missing.
I appreciated getting coaching for my specific needs and not receiving a “cookie cutter” model.  Courage Rising Coaching Sessions have helped me grow – both as a leader and a person – around how I think about goals and aspirations.  I have learned about self betterment and accountability, belonging and connection. I received personalized homework exercises for interacting with my staff.  Despite awkward feelings, I had my employees do the exercises. The results were amazing – and the exercises became something they loved. Amy’s assignments are practices we will be continuing.  I’d underestimated the appreciation my team has for each other and I got to see my employees in a new light. Because of the work done in sessions I have been able to successfully lead my team through communication challenges while in the process of implementing big new changes in the business.
Amy’s direct approach helped me to fine tune and see things that I previously thought not possible are actually possible.  Sessions have helped me focus to complete projects that are meaningful to me – as well as understand some of the things I do to sabotage my own efforts.  The Courage Rising exercises have really made me think about who I am, how I lead, and who I want to be.
Courage Rising Coaching Sessions will help you grow as a leader and as a person – and I absolutely recommend them.”
– James B.

“I believe at some point, many of us wake up to lives or selves we no longer recognize. I was unprepared for how to deal with this occurrence and became inert, unable to make decisions big or small, no longer trusted my instincts, fear dominating my every attempt to see my way forward. A chance meeting brought Amy Turner before me. She offered to not lead but instead walk beside me as she guided me to explore feelings, behavior patterns that didn’t serve me well and new ways to open up to possibilities for creating a new future, allowing me to begin living a life I feel at home with while strengthening my highest self.
Amy has a gift for seeing truth and delivering it in the kindest and most accessible way. I will forever be grateful for finding the courage to be vulnerable enough to allow her light and wisdom to redirect me towards peace. I am learning how to exhale so that new breath can enter my soul.  
– Jill C.


Listed rates are for 1 hr. 15 min. sessions.
1 stand alone session: $250 each; 3 session package: $600 ($200/session); 5 session package: $875 ($175/session) – insurance not accepted.
Longer intensive sessions are available.  [Longer sessions allow for getting deeper into a matter and/or to apply more coaching tools within the duration of a single session.]  
Is pricing an issue?  Please call to discuss payment plan options.

To book a session or for more information, contact Amy Turner | phone 541.306.9386 | email


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Entering into coaching is an investment in yourself and your life.  Your results will vary in relation to your willingness to be authentic, your openness to personal transformation, and your commitment to engage sessions openly and honestly.

Courage Rising Coaching Sessions are NOT intended or used to diagnose or treat mental illness/disorders or medical problems.