Man Camp 2019 | 3rd Annual

SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming Man Camp happening Sat., Nov. 9, 2019.  Registration opens Sept. 1, 2019.


Forging New Relationships | Growing Self-Awareness

What men are saying:

“My comfort zone was pushed and I was called to be courageous.  I saw other men going through this too.  I left so inspired and with a lot to think about in regard to my own personal growth,  and how I interact with my world.”
“I came with wicked nerves…and left with peace.” 
“Man Camp is a must for all men to tap into our own inner strengths, insights, and understanding – it’s of critical importance in our culture today.”
“I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the men, and the topics.”
“I gained understanding of how to embrace all qualities of myself.”
“I found connections, awareness, and deep compassion.”
 “I learned to be a better listener in my personal and professional relationships.”
“I found a commonality of experience and perception, despite vastly different lives among the men who came.” 
“I fit in here.  Can’t wait for next year.”