Man Camp 2018 | 2nd Annual

>>> 3rd Annual Man Camp coming November 2019.

Forging New Relationships | Growing Self-Awareness

Sat., Nov. 10, 2018 @ Skyliners Lodge

8:30 a.m. – Arrival and coffee 
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Camp
4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Social hour

Early Bird Registration $125 ends 10/17/2018

Regular $145 // Lunch & Workshop Supplies Included

Explore your inner warrior.

Scroll down for this year’s topics and presenters.

What participants left saying at the inaugural event:

“I loved the mix of presenters.”        “Man Camp is a must for all men to tap into our own inner strengths, insights, and understanding – it’s of critical importance in our culture today.”     “I found connections, awareness, and deep compassion.”          “I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the men, and the topics.”    “I gained understanding of how to embrace all qualities of myself.”         “I came with wicked nerves…and left with peace.”     “I learned to be a better listener in my personal and professional relationships.”          “I found a commonality of experience and perception, despite vastly different lives among the men who came.”      “My comfort zone was pushed and I was called to be courageous.  I saw other men going through this too.  I left so inspired and with a lot to think about in regard to my own personal growth,  and how I interact with my world.”      “I fit in here.  Can’t wait for next year.”

Enjoy and connect through these interactive and experiential talks and playshops:

“An Exploration in Transforming Grief and Shame” with Shannon Townsend

Release the power of grief.

As men we become programmed at an early age to be strong and silent – and often end up expecting that of others. Led to believe that it is shameful to expose or explore our grief as if the original traumatic experience itself was somehow shameful. The unresolved trauma festers as a wound creating unwanted patterns in our day to day life and the relationships we keep. In this workshop we will explore grief on personal and safe levels. Releasing the power that grief has held over your life and receiving the power that grief has for your life.

Shannon is a husband, father and an active enthusiast of life. He facilitates retreats in Oregon and Northern California. He is a certified hypnotherapist, leads guided shamanic meditation drum journeys and has created a drumming soul retrieval healing modality called Biofield Reverberation Therapy.

“Uncovering the Power of Imperfection” with Todd Cover

Explore ideals of socialized “male perfection” that can veer us off track, often serving to keep men from true connection in life, relationships, and purpose.  Let’s come home to our imperfect selves, and along the way find a little more “perfection” in the process.  Dive into interactive discussion and activity about the power of authenticity to move us toward more satisfied, meaningful relationships and interactions.

Todd is an avid outdoor enthusiast and lover of golf, festivals, music, and tight-knit, authentic relationships.  He founded Us Fest – A Community Gathering Festival in 2014 and has a honed his “tribe” building skills across a diverse background in Technology Sales, Business Development, Creative Marketing, and Management.   He is now a heart centered partner in The Courage Tribe serving as Courage Champion and Chief Business Developer.  Come hang with Todd as he inspires men around him with connection, compassion, and collaboration for real life.

“Sound Bath Relaxation Experience + Playshop” with Erik McFarland

The sound vibrations of Singing Bowls are known to create a harmonious energy, naturally interacting with the vibrational make up of our bodies to bring a sense of balance and healing into the current moment.  Sound bath experiences can move you toward renewal simply by inviting you to relax, listen, and feel.  Sound bath concerts are meditative and peaceful experiences often referred to as magical.

In this session you will receive a deeply relaxing Sound Bath Concert from Erik McFarland, The Singing Bowl Guy.  This segment includes an informational session about how singing bowls interact with our human selves for healing, relaxation, and renewal – body, mind, and spirit.  You will also receive an opportunity to personally interact with and play the bowls.  Erik is a Lifelong explorer of both inner and outer landscapes, and has been facilitating inspiring experiences using sound, frequency, vibration, and positive intention with Singing Bowls since 2014.

“Appreciating Our Embodied Nature” with Randen Traughber

One constant, for better or worse, is that we move through life day in and day out in the vehicle of our body.  Sometimes we love it – often times we criticize it, but how often do we actively and outwardly appreciate it…without a glimmer of degradation?  Expect some get-up-and-move in this session as we collectively celebrate our bodies, their limitations, their magnificence, and all they do for us.  Leave loving the skin you’re in.

Randen is father to four (mostly) grown daughters, is a heart centered impact leader, and the founder and visionary of EarthWin Global, a social impact company countering carbon footprint and instigating social change by planting trees, growing awareness, and illuminating the power of purchase in our everyday lives.

Come to the Pre-Funk!

We’re holding an info night mixer for the whole community to learn more about Man Camp and how it fits into the overall vision of The Courage Tribe.  Together we’re raising cultures of courage in life, work, and community.

Wed., Oct. 17, 2018, 7-9 p.m. @ Iron Elephant Tattoo in the Box Factory.

Enjoy light refreshments, a community painting activity, and water kefir samples from The Water Kefir People at the Pre-Funk. 
The Pre-Funk is free + open to men, women, all.  Bring friends!