How to participate in the 30 Day Challenge:

Want to learn how the challenge began?  CLICK HERE.


  1. Get the calendar of Courage Cards words we’ll be using for the July 2018 challenge by emailing Michelle at or me at requesting to join the challenge.  This is considered your registration into the challenge.  We will send you the calendar of Courage Cards words via email reply to your request to join the challenge on or before June 10, 2018 so you can get your creative juices flowing!  You can join the challenge any time before it’s over.  If you email your request to join the challenge after June 10, 2018, we will get you the calendar of Courage Cards words within 24 hours of your request (all the way through to the end of the challenge).
  2. Select a creative medium you want to use to respond to the word (painting, journaling, drawing, photography, poetry, etc.) and creatively respond to what the word brings up for you.  You’re encouraged to look up the meaning and root of each word – it may have a variety of meanings to spark your creative understanding and growth.
  3. Post a photo or copy of your creative response, including a few words about your process if you’d like), on the appropriate day and post on The Courage Tribe’s Facebook page.  If you are not a Facebook-er, you may email your response to Michelle at or to me at and we will post it for you.
  4. Let it be known that you are doing this challenge!  People learn from what ignites other people.  We are building up cultures of courage.  Share this web page and your creative responses with your social media groups, email groups, blogs, etc.  Post with this hashtag: #thecouragetribe
  5. Enjoy your personal growth process along the way as you explore your own and others’ discoveries.  Some days of the challenge will be juicier for you than others depending on where you are in your life journey.  Exploring and strengthening courageous awareness is what it’s all about.  Give yourself a squeeze of self love just for participating!
  6. By participating in the challenge you agree to allowing your contribution and comments to be posted through The Courage Tribe’s and Michelle Lindblom’s (a.k.a. social media, website, and marketing channels.  The purpose of sharing is to let others in on the group learning and fun, or to market future editions of the challenge.  By requesting the calendar of words to participate in the event, you agree to receive email updates from The Courage Tribe and Michelle Lindblom.  Any slanderous posts will be removed from the challenge.

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