Courage Coaching

Courage is activated when one’s will and actions align to express the truth of one’s heart.


Courage Coaching is an adventure into self-awareness, living into possibility, and building the life you dream of.

Meet Tiahna Skye…

Tiahna brings over 30 years of experience coaching people to achieve their dreams.  Sessions are infused with insight, inspiration, passion, and fun. Growing yourself, and/or your business, can be an exciting and fulfilling adventure.

The Courage Tribe is in collaboration with Tiahna Skye of Expansions Coaching.  Courage Coaching is for individuals, couples, and groups.  Sessions are available in person, by phone, or via Skype.

Do you have a dream you have always wanted to live?  Are you wondering how your life can have more meaning?  Are you at a cross road or place of transition?  Does fear keep you from doing what you really want?  

Do you see limitation or possibility?

Partnering with you to build your vision and support your dreams through regularly scheduled meetings, I provide structure, planning, inspiration, accountability, and a clear path forward.  

Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you are going.

Get a FREE 30 Minute “Getting To Know You” session to see if Courage Coaching is right for you.

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Live what you were born for.


Individuals and Couples:

$85 – 30 Minute Session
$150 – 60 Minute Session


Please contact for details.

* Travel fees not included.