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Culture-Based Team Development Trainings + Workshops
Leadership Consulting // Retreats // Morale Boosters // Keynotes

We’re creating happier, more productive people who thrive in purpose driven business.  We begin by gaining thoughtful understanding of you, your business, and its culture – then deliver customized people-centered programming to strengthen and carry out your core values for better productivity, workplace resilience, and team and client relationships.

Ignite your team with trainings and experiences that drive productivity – and happiness.

It starts with leadership discovery…

Everything begins with our Leadership Discovery Package…at no cost to you.  We conduct a simple Leadership Team Discovery Survey, provide you with a Feedback Consultation Session, go over your team’s Cultural Strengths and Weaknesses, and finish with a Needs Assessment based on our collaborative conversation.  Once complete, we propose a plan to deliver carefully crafted tools and topics for your team to grow and thrive together – as much or as little as you need.

Your people.  Your growth.  Your bottom line.

What do these plans look like?  They are as unique as the companies we serve, and we’re here as your guide throughout the process.

Examples include (but are not limited to): monthly coaching circles for company leaders to strengthen and support skills in difficult client situations;  half day morale booster retreat with creative activity to unite the team and refocus company vision;  monthly/bimonthly/quarterly cultural development experiences to develop people and boost employee retention across departments; ongoing quarterly seminars on topics to strengthen unique staff weaknesses; multi-segment initiatives to overhaul company cultural practices for happier people and higher productivity; keynote conference addresses.

Where there are people, we can help.

Top performing topics:

(Re)Defining Your Unique Team Culture // Get clear on company culture and refine what drives it
Conflict Resolution // Learn tools to create a winning relationship with conflict among your team
Understanding Generational Differences // Bridge the gap between different generations among your team
Masculinity + Femininity for Success // Identify and practice foundations of humanity for your team’s success
The C.O.U.R.A.G.E. Model // Uncover and implement this seven part model to support your team
+ Other customized topics

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“If culture comes first, performance will follow.”   – Dan Pontefract via Forbes