Corporate Courage Team Building & Private Groups

Let’s get down to the people.

Corporate Courage connects your staff of humans to themselves, each other, your customers, and your company’s mission.   Enjoy a menu of hands on facilitation options to spark your staff that speaks to a wide range of communication styles.

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Flexible onsite facilitation to improve the way you work together*:
  • 2 hour seminar (single experience – or – package) with custom topics selection
  • half day morale boosters with option for creative team activity
  • full day training retreat with option for creative team activity
  • two day training retreat with option for creative team activity
*All facilitation includes a pre-event consultation with Leadership/HR to match the right topics to your team.

The Courage Tribe looks forward to creating an event that strengthens and supports your team.  Your people execute the company vision well or poorly, with great morale and cohesiveness – or not.  
Your patients, vendors, and community see that.  It affects your brand and whether your clients/patients decide to stay with you.  It affects your employee turnover rate and whether you as a team are supported to do your best work together – or are a drain on your sphere of influence.  
The way you support your team is costly or profitable in more ways than one.

Use Corporate Courage custom team development services to support the hands, eyes, and ears to your products, services, patients/clients, and workday processes.

The Courage Tribe has achieved a 100% satisfaction rate in event facilitation according to client surveys.
Corporate Courage custom team development helps you:
  • engage your people and unify your processes
  • have moderated conversations between the people carrying out your work, their peers, and their leaders – you’d be amazed at what a wealth of ingenuity lies untapped by avoiding facilitated conversations and continuing with “business as usual”
  • strengthen trust and best practices – and along with it, productivity
  • practice approaching conflict and idea sharing head on to promote commitment, accountability, and satisfying results
  • have fun together while improving what your company does best
  • increase your workplace effectiveness to boost your financial bottom line and avoid costly mistakes

Topic Menu (other custom topics available):
  • Defining and Growing Your Unique Team Culture
  • Conflict and Idea Sharing Among Teams for Top Down, Bottom Up, and Lateral Communication
  • Utilizing Masculinity + Femininity for Success in the Workplace
  • Beyond Compassion Fatigue (great for patient care workplaces)
  • Let’s Talk Trust (Absence of vulnerability-driven Trust is the #1 dysfunction of teams)
  • Inter-generational Dynamics in the Workplace
  • Courageous Leadership/Followership
  • Applying The COURAGE Model in the Workplace
  • Defining Commitment, Accountability, and Results
  • Personal Gifts + Professional Goals = Building Something Bigger, Together
Workplace meditation services available.