Come Alive | Feb. 2, 2019

The Courage Tribe presents: Come Alive!

Saturday, February 2, 2019 | 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. | High Desert Museum | $35

~ Tickets are limited.  Advance ticketing required. ~
Join a magical evening of community, inspiration, and crowdfunding as we come alive together at the High Desert Museum!  Be part of The Courage Tribe’s mission to teach, nourish, and support courageous culture for individuals, the community, and the workplace by helping us achieve next level goals for our community and beyond.  Scroll to learn more about the mission behind the event.

Come Alive Event Info

Choose your own adventure for this winter night in the woods! Festivities include:

We are honored to be hosting this spectacular event at our local and beloved High Desert Museum.

About crowdfunding and our mission:

Social impact takes a village.  The Courage Tribe is a social impact company working to build, support, and nourish cultures of courage both at the community and corporate levels.  We are celebrating our 4th birthday and working to propel our impact and reach to the next level.  This takes more people, resources, and outreach.  That’s where you come in.
The Courage Tribe has been bootstrapped from the ground up.  It’s a true example of a social impact startup creating something out of nothing with grit, perseverance, tenacity, humility, and hearts on fire for igniting courage and community.
Now we’re dedicated to growing and developing our team of Courage Champions (staff and vendors), outreach and marketing, program offerings, and our all around impact in Central Oregon and beyond.
We are working to add The Courage Summit 2019 and other additional Community Programming to our quiver of programs that already include Allow Create Flow workshops, Man Camp, and more.  As well, we’re growing and intensifying outreach for Corporate Courage to uplevel cultural practices for courage centered workplaces, which has a trickle down effect in the greater community.
We hope you join us in supporting this mission.