30 Day Courage Cards Creativity Challenge

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Are you interested in creatively enhancing your personal growth or do you know someone that is?  Make your summer sizzle…

Welcome to The Challenge!

Scroll down for rules and details, but first, here’s some background of how the challenge came to be:

See this lady next to me?  She’s none other than Michelle Lindblom.  Artist, world traveler, independent thinker, humble make-mistakes-and-keep-on-going life explorer, outdoor enthusiast, mother, wife, friend, dog owner, and active community member.  She spent 24 years of her career as a Professor of Visual Art.  She loves to laugh, she’s not afraid to cry, and she is a friend to my heart.  In her art, she doesn’t create an end product for the masses.  She creates to explore life, her emotions, experiences, understanding, and the world at large around her.  She cares more about the process of her experience – the act of creativity as it moves through her – and the materials she uses – than the end product.  Because of this deep, continuous commitment to following open ended curiosity and letting go of the outcome, her work is vibrant and beautiful and she grows along with it.  In short, I love hanging out with Michelle and I think you will too.

I have the privilege of meeting with Michelle every Tuesday morning along with two other heart centered co-mentor seekers.  We explore ourselves through responding to Courage Cards week after week.  The content of our meetings is so very rich.  One day Michelle pulled the word, “creativity.”  She’d pulled the word before, but this time it rose up in her to want do a 30 day creativity challenge – using Courage Cards as a jumping off point for self exploration.  She’d joined 30 day artist challenges before, but this added a new twist – and brought with it her love of Courage Cards.  I saw a lot of juice in this idea and asked if she’d like to do it publicly with The Courage Tribe – she did!  After a bit of brainstorming about how we could invite others to play with us in this world of curiosity, possibility, creativity, and understanding…here we are.

Photo: Michelle and I making collages about what we wanted out of life a few years back in her Bend, Oregon studio.  We’re both typically painters (and Michelle a print maker), but we love engaging creativity in any form, and to see what the other comes up with.

Discover more about Michelle Lindblom and her art at www.mick-art.com.

Courageously onward!  – Amy Turner, The Courage Tribe Founder

Challenge Details and Rules

  1. Be ready to have some fun with Michelle and I as we lead this challenge!  Everyone can watch and/or participate in the challenge by viewing or posting to the challenge on The Courage Tribe’s Facebook page.  Not a Facebook-er?  You can email your responses and we’ll post them for you.  Find those details when you opt in to the challenge under “How to participate,” below.
  2. The challenge runs from July 1-30, 2018.  You are encouraged to start creating your responses as soon as you receive the calendar of words after opting into the challenge.  The calendar of words will be emailed to participants by June 10, 2018 or within 24 hours of requesting to participate up until the end of the challenge.
  3. Participants DO NOT have to post a response every day, but are encouraged to post to the challenge as often as possible.  It is a challenge after all!  Some people will dedicate themselves to it everyday (like Michelle), others will fit it in as they can around busy schedules, and still others might engage by viewing and contemplating what they see others do.  Choose your own adventure, but come along for the ride (and share it with others) at any point along they way!
  4. Types of creative responses you might use – painting, photography, poetry, a journal response, drawing, a collage, a short video, a sculpture, or any combination thereof.  You simply need to be able to post a picture or copy of it, and it has to be a personal response to the Courage Cards words we send you.
  5. By participating in the challenge you agree to allowing your contribution and comments to be posted through The Courage Tribe’s and Michelle Lindblom’s (a.k.a. www.mick-art.com) social media, website, and marketing channels.  The purpose of sharing is to let others in on the group learning and fun, or to market future editions of the challenge.  By requesting the calendar of words to participate in the event, you agree to receive email updates from The Courage Tribe and Michelle Lindblom.  Any slanderous posts will be removed from the challenge.

How to participate:

  1. Get the calendar of Courage Cards words we’ll be using for the July 2018 challenge by emailing Michelle at mickart8@gmail.com or me at amy@thecouragetribe.com requesting to join the challenge.  We will send you the calendar of Courage Cards words via email reply to your request to join the challenge on or before June 10, 2018 so you can get your creative juices flowing!  You can join the challenge any time before it’s over.  If you email your request to join the challenge after June 10, 2018, we will get you the calendar of Courage Cards words within 24 hours of your request (all the way through to the end of the challenge).
  2. Select a creative medium you want to use to respond to the word (painting, journaling, drawing, photography, poetry, etc.) and creatively respond to what the word brings up for you.  You’re encouraged to look up the meaning and root of each word – it may have a variety of meanings to spark your creative understanding and growth.
  3. Post a photo or copy of your creative response, including a few words about your process if you’d like), on the appropriate day and post on The Courage Tribe’s Facebook page.  If you are not a Facebook-er, you may email your response to Michelle at mickart8@gmail.com or to me at amy@thecouragetribe.com and we will post it for you.
  4. Let it be known that you are doing this challenge!  People learn from what ignites other people.  We are building up cultures of courage.  Share this web page and your creative responses with your social media groups, email groups, blogs, etc.  Post with this hashtag: #thecouragetribe
  5. Enjoy your personal growth process along the way as you explore your own and others’ discoveries.  Some days of the challenge will be juicier for you than others depending on where you are in your life journey.  Exploring and strengthening courageous awareness is what it’s all about.  Give yourself a squeeze of self love just for participating!

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