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Providing holistic empowerment training for  corporate + private groups and deep dive sessions for individuals who want to lead with courage.

Leading with courage and possibility in life, work, and relationships since 2014.

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Corporate Courage Team Building for businesses and organized groups.  Are you looking to ignite your team while building a culture of courage?  Develop your people.  It’s increasingly important to build holistic courage strength in today’s evolving workforce.  Build upon creative possibility, cooperation, empathy, compassion, inclusion, and the dance of diversity and collaboration.   Strong teams are good for the bottom line.  Learn more.  These are for you.


Courage Rising Coaching Sessions are personalized for individuals, couples, and leaders.  Do you want a fresh, holistic, creative, and heart centered way to level up (or learn to pause) in your life, work, or relationships?  Are you looking to thrive but find yourself experiencing aspects of disempowerment, feeling disillusioned, or thinking, “something’s gotta give” as you create your life?  Learn more.  These are for you.


Ordinary people live extraordinary lives with courage coaching and development.

That’s why The Courage Tribe uses custom programs to develop purpose, creative possibility, integrity, connection, and belonging with people on an individual, group, and corporate team level.  We also host community events and workshops throughout the year.  What’s the bi-product?  A movement of informed individuals who upward spiral to growth, thrival, and success in life, work, and relationships.  It starts with understanding heart-centeredness, then sends a courageously empowered ripple effect outward into what we do – and how we relate to each other.  Individuals become empowered as we learn, thrive, and grow together. 
Organized groups find true empowered innovation and connection through creativity and celebration.  Corporations and leadership teams grow and thrive because of their courageously developed people – and they prosper.
The Courage Tribe connects people to themselves and each other through holistic and creative heart centered approaches and techniques.  But we don’t stop there.  We continue the learning by incorporating our minds and physical capacities.  It takes courage to think differently as we keep life flowing – at home, in our organizations, in our communities, and within ourselves.

What is true courage?

Courage comes from the Latin root cor, meaning heart, and the suffix -age means of or belonging to. 

Simply put, courage = belonging to the heart.

True courage requires real people to embrace and develop their own humanity, and allow for the humanity of others.  While it’s rooted in heart-centeredness, it embraces all human intelligences – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (the parts of our humanity we cannot see or measure with a microscope).  It calls us to embrace our true desires while addressing the fears, challenges, and possibilities surrounding us.  True courage is deeper than false bravery or ego, or what somebody once told us we “ought” to do in a given situation.  True courage is ignited when we find belonging and integrity in our hearts.  It’s effective when we exercise it through actions, relationships, and business.  Courage speaks to all pieces of the puzzle.
Sometimes courage is quiet, sometimes it roars.  Sometimes it calls for rest and renewal, sometimes it commands us to move full steam ahead – but it always builds strong foundations.  In one way or another, courage is what we’re all looking for.  Together we thrive.

Enjoy fresh inspiration, educational tools, events, and coaching services that keep courage alive in YOU. With quiet surety or an audacious roar, live what you were born for.

Curious about our Mission Statement?  Check it out here.  

“The most fundamental grassroots change we can make is within ourselves.  It takes courage to make that happen.” – Amy Turner, The Courage Tribe Founder

Building cultures of courage for life, work, and relationships.

Join The Tribe.

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