Helping men and women lead courageously empowered lives.

Live what you were born for  [purpose . creativity . connection . integrity . belonging . courage] in life, work, and relationships.

The Courage Tribe offers personal Courage Coaching for individuals and couples, Corporate Courage Team Building for businesses and groups, and a variety of heart centered community events and workshops.

Ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

 [courage = belonging to the heart]

Courage comes from the Latin root cor, meaning heart, and the suffix -age means of or belonging to.

The essence of courage is stirred when we find belonging in our hearts.  The Courage Tribe helps connect people to themselves and each other through a holistic and creative heart centered approach to life, relationships, and work.  It takes courage to think differently and to keep love flowing – at home, at work, in our communities, and within ourselves.

Enjoy fresh inspiration, educational tools, events, and coaching services that keep courage alive in YOU. With quiet surety or an audacious roar, live what you were born for.

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What people are saying…


“The Courage Tribe empowers me to listen to my heart and go for my dreams.”                                                                  -Michelle Calvillo


“I’ve learned to let go of perfection, that my voice matters, and vulnerability is not weakness.  The Tribe has changed the way I interact in the world”                     -Mark Anderson


“The Courage Tribe has taught me to use courage as an ongoing practice in my life.”                                                       -Joey Mount


“Thank you for helping me understand wholeheartedness and encouraging me to continue working within my own passions and beliefs.”                  -Alice Baldwin


“With The Courage Tribe I’m learning to open myself up freely and without judgement.  I love the community aspect here.”                                                              -Michelle Lindblom


“The Courage Tribe has helped me shut down my inner critic to feel free to express myself in life.  I love to be a part of the community.”                                                            -Renee Serbenek


“The most fundamental grassroots change you can make is within yourself and it takes courage to make that happen.” – Amy Turner, The Courage Tribe Founder

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