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Live what you were born for.  Ignite your courage. 

More than a company, The Courage Tribe is a social movement igniting courage –because it takes courage to keep love flowing – at home, at work, in our communities, and within ourselves.

We deliver fresh inspiration, educational tools, a global community, and events that keep courage alive in YOU. With quiet surety or an audacious roar, live what you were born for.

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What people are saying…


“The Courage Tribe empowers me to listen to my heart and go for my dreams.”                                                                  -Michelle Calvillo


“I’ve learned to let go of perfection, that my voice matters, and vulnerability is not weakness.  The Tribe has changed the way I interact in the world”                     -Mark Anderson


 “The Courage Tribe helped me learn that following my heart is not selfish, but giving.”                                        -Shannon MacDonald


“The Courage Tribe has taught me to use courage as an ongoing practice in my life.”                                                       -Joey Mount


“Thank you for helping me understand wholeheartedness and encouraging me to continue working within my own passions and beliefs.”                  -Alice Baldwin


“With The Courage Tribe I’m learning to open myself up freely and without judgement.  I love the community aspect here.”                                                              -Michelle Lindblom


“The Courage Tribe has helped me shut down my inner critic to feel free to express myself in life.  I love to be a part of the community.”                                                            -Renee Serbenek


“The most fundamental grassroots change you can make is within yourself and it takes courage to make that happen.” – Amy Turner, The Courage Tribe Founder


Ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

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